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How industry should cope with the disruption ?

During these trying times when the industry is heavily affected with economical issues came up the pandemic called Covid 19 and disrupted the industry completely. We at Industrial Automation Magazine have taken an initiative to bring the industry together and share their viewpoints so that others reading can take measures accordingly to have minimal damage.

About the industry expert

Disclaimer: The views expressed in interviews are personal, not necessarily of the organisations represented.

K. R. Printer M.D. Fusion Technologies A start up for offshore Oil and Gas instrumentation. (Consultancy, manufacturing and supply)

Has the present Corona Virus strain caught the world unaware and unprepared ?

Yes, to a great extent. The secrecy by some and the refusal to accept the gravity of the situation by many has resulted in the widespread propogation of the virus across the globe.

What are the implications for business in the near, medium and long term ?

Very challenging times ahead. A new chapter in human history. Business will learn and learn fast.
Survival of the fittest. The near term is extremely challenging as staff will have to be maintained without any production for at least a month. That itself will be great challenge and strain on the resources. The medium term will see the survivors getting back with a vengeance. The long term is full of opportunities. In business every challenge is an opportunity.

How can governments be better prepared to handle such pandemics in future ?

All governments must have learnt different lessons by now depending on the state of development of that particular country. The developed countries will now understand the pitfalls of dependence on globalisation.
The developing countries will have to rethink their strategy and concentrate on basic infrastructure like hospitals, education, jobs etc

High accuracy thermal scanners are available but are not used possible due to high costs. Would they be more effective ?

Very doubtful. In this particular case Temperature spikes are seen 3 to 5 days after infection. The only way to prevent the spread is by doing large scale testing. We in India have developed a test kit and it is understood that large scale production of these kits has started.

Now that businesses are getting used to the Work From Home culture, will this signal a paradigm shift ?

Work from home has been around for quite sometime now. Not very successful though.
With the lock down for three weeks some positives are sure to surface.

Some analysts have suggested this crisis will boost automation and make a case for Lights Out manufacturing. Your comments ?

Very true. Manufacturing which was moving very slowly towards complete automation could now see a quantum jump in the use of robots. For countries like ours with huge populations this could be a double edged sword. With unemployment already at very high levels we need to be very careful and selective in what we need to automate to this level.

What are the lessons from this crisis ?

We cannot afford to make the same mistake twice. In a globalised economy the risks are no longer local they too are global. It is time for the global community to come together and adress these risks.

#April 2020 Covid Special

To say the world is passing through trying times is to state the obvious. Also evident is the fact that for too long the world has been ignoring the warning signs of environmental degradation fuelled by human excesses and greed. But this is no time for ifs and buts, nor recrimination. Instead, the crisis should be used as an opportunity to make the required course correction to make the world a safer place for all living beings, and the ecological balance, restored. Industrial Automation invited a cross section of industry leaders to offer their views and possible course of action as a way forward from this situation, even as governments across the world and the people are trying to make sense from the still evolving scenario. To read the full cover story Please click here